Rottne H21D V2.0.0.0


-Added Tuned Engine 455HP
-Added abit more chains types
-Added exhaust pipe cover
-Added gitter color config
-Added chains color config.
-Added few details like chainsaw and toolbox
-Adjused light.

Controls are alike Ponsse and Komatsu not reversed,

Also Alpine winch attacher in the mod. as in picture
almost all forestry maschines are better with Wood Harvester Controls

-Moddesc 77 (belived i changed that in the first place but no) :)
-Also removed logos kleivaskog away.

Hope you like it.


Remy Mods of Norway

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Commented on 2023-10-27 19:58:49

it FS22 i choose the wrong fs :) sorry my bad

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