Schluter Profi Trac 3000 TVL v1.1


I was bored on Saturday , so I got me the standard Super Trac 2500 VL exported
times and edited it properly ^ ^
To make it clear , the basic model is of Giants, but it was completely rewritten.
The tractor was equipped with new geingamed and functions , which are:
To open windows and doors
-Bel . V3 ( working lights, turn signals )
- Idle script ( key KP + -)
- Animated accelerator / clutch pedal
Movement of the inner camera ( when cornering , approach , etc.)
- Kaufbares front weight
Real - exhaust particle system ( clouds of smoke at start up , heat fibrillation)
Election of the Steering mode ( front axle , 4 wheel steering, crab steering )
Wheel Particle scripts
- Changing the tire game (wide , narrow)
- The narrow tires double mature fade in
-180 ° internal camera rotation animation ( More on this )
I wish you much fun with the tractor ^ ^
You like classic cars ? Https://
Or are MB -Trac fans:
For the camera rotation animation: I build this function in the meantime all my tractors a , on
Press the button, the indoor camera rotates 180 degrees to the back , you play with
Keyboard is relatively meaningless , but if you like me playing with steering wheel / joystick / gamepad know
the problem that the camera seeeeeehr slowly turns on the control pad, which is EXTREMELY annoying
e.g. when maneuvering . Do you put the function easily on a button on the steering wheel / joystick / gamepad
this is very nice : D
mfg MrFox


Ur-Modell: Giants
Umbau, neubau von Teilen: MrFox
Weitere Teile: , Pfreek
Textur: MrFox, Giants, Pfreek
Scripte: modelleicher, Sven777b, Geri-G, fruktor, Templaer, JoXXer
Sounds: NibiZ_Sw3, BjR Modding
Reifen: unbekannt, bitte Melden

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