SZA tanker Pack v1.0


Here is my SZA tanker Pack LS13 ...

! ... File 1x unpacked and contents, 3 single folder in the modfolder ...!

* Washable
* DrivingParticleSystem
* Co-steering axle last
* Capa: 60,000
* Bel v3.1

Tanker milk:
* Fruits: milk water (at standard milk trigger to fill and sellable)

Diesel tanker:
* Fruits: fuel
(To fill your own gas stations (Deep Forest for example) or for refueling of vehicles ... is empty!)

Liquid manure tanker:
* Fruits: water liquidManure
* Shuttle (over charging function) or sell (can be on to the field pumps empty)
* Log ... clean ... Patch2.0DE_PublicBeta4

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife


Modell/Textur/InGame: Hewaaa @
Umbau/Edit/Textur: TSL

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