Texture Pack v1.0


I once put together a small textures pack for you here,

It is only to textures, not objects. Installation should be performed by experienced
People done!
There are mainly textures that are suitable for older tractors,
the textures were photographed by me and edited (Camera Sony DSLR-A100).

Here is the list:
Operating hours counter, caption "Horameter 2" (512x512)
Fiat-water temperature gauge, caption "AQUA WATER" (512x512)
Fiat-oil temperature gauge, caption "OLIO-OIL" (512x512)
Fiat tractor meters (512x512)
Oil pressure gauge, caption "OIL PRESSURE" (512x512)
VDO temperature gauge (512x512)
French-temperature gauge, caption "THERMO EAU" (512x512)
VDO engine temperature gauge, caption "MOTOR TEMP" (512x512)
VDO Tractormeter (1024x1024)
Water temperature gauge (512x512)

Advisory label "hydraulic ..." (tractor Claas Axion, cab upright inside) (512x1024)
Advisory label "BE CAREFUL" (easy to use a tractor, English) (1024x1024)
Notice badge "Fiat-oils" (English) (1024x512)
Advisory label "fuel" (2048x1024)
Notice badge "Clean Water" (cooling water) (2048x1024)

Work light texture (1024x1024)
FIAT Torino lamp (1024x1024)
-Hella rear light (without indicator) (512x512)
-Hella rear light (with indicator) (1024x1024)
Reflector (1024x1024)

AGCO Parts filter (1024x1024)
CLAAS-Quality Check (1024x1024)
CNH filter (1024x1024)
-Farmall M logo (1024x1024)
-Ferguson system (2048x1024)
First-Claas service (internal and external side of the sticker) (1024x1024)
John Deere Moline Ill. (2048x2048)
Logo John Deere (Alt) (1024x512)
Logo Agriculture (Corn and gears) (2048x2048)
McCormick Deering-(logo above the grille) (1024x256)
McCormick Farmall-(of the hood) (2048x1024)

-25 Km / h debt (poor condition) (2048x2048)
BM Volvo 350 nameplate (2048x2048)
Fiat-injection pump (Bosch Licenza) (2048x1024)
Nameplate Hanomag R 455 S (2048x1024)
OM-injection pump (Bosch Licenza) (2048x1024)
Villeicht, the one or the other to use something from it, use in mods is free and without any previous release BUT with appointment in the credits.
My FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MrFoxModding
mfg MrFox



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