Vehicle Pack v1.1


Vehicle Pack for Südhemmern and Porta Westfalica Maps from original vehicles assembled for the transport of all built on these maps fruits. Designed for players who have difficulty even to expand vehicles to fruit.

Who does not need the pack or do not want, it does not have to load.

Pictures say more than 1000 words, so I have attached pictures that make up all fruit and straws found. Bittee this view before. The result is everything.

At this point, if you read it, greetings to the FSM team and chef: I have simply caught the wrong ZIP uploading the first version of the pack, where your Krampe contained 900 ce. Behind it there is no intention, but Schusseligkeit. I apologize for this benevolent. Can not reach you otherwise.


Erweiterung der Originalfahrzeuge von Giants um Früchte

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