Advance Trailer Pack v1.0


First let me say this is not my work, I have merely edited a few things. The trailer mod these are based from are credited to oxtar.
I have taken the water trailer and changed some signage and set the capacity to 60,000L.
I converted the water trailer to a fuel trailer, with proper placards and a capacity of 30,000L(Even that much is unnecessary, really, and would take a lot of farming to burn!) I even changed the fill plane texture to look like dyed diesel.(Sight glass in front of the axles)
Both trailers work with farmer_andy's potato washer and steamer, although the triggers on the washer are tricky to line up(see photos - the red trailer is fuel and the blue is water)
The trailers work flawlessly for me, there's no errors or warnings, and the fuel trailer doesn't try to refill itself when it's not completely full or empty.
This is the first edited mod that I've decided to release to the public. It's a really nice model, and I hope you enjoy it. I also hope I don't upset anyone by editing their work.


oxtar, farmer_andy, marhu, anyone else who worked on the original, SavageMkII(edit)

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