AR Forestry v1.2


Here I have two setting frame 5.4 m for the forest.
the previous setting frame Timber 5.4 m
the setting frame with timber crane. 5.4 m

The crane comes from Stepa trailer and is also controlled so. So change your car then you get Zumar Timber with crane. He does not have extra supports. he is stabilized by the supports of the setting frame. For this Press x. The first aml have to press zwieimal. Retraction of the supports also on x. The supports are still automatically hide or collapsed during the uncoupling of the frame. Communicates with the supports very stable even at maximum lateral projection while under load. For 5 m tribes.
I do now by setting frame imer pack. this is the Fostpack. It is followed by a trough Pack and then a fertilizer / manure / dung pack. The pack with the trucks and trailers can be found here
Have fun


Original by Giants
Absetzrahmen by Gnescher
Umbau by Gnescher

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