Autosan D46 v1.0


What does the Trailer have?

On the approach:
- Left bank
- Burta tyl
- Burta law
- A pin
- Triangle from the back
- Extensions
- Tilt

- Mud flaps
- Drawbar
- Axis

- Cultivation with FS 15
- Automatic collection of hay and straw cubes
- Bale hook
- Sowing of cereals from FS 15
- Light from FS 15
- New txt!
- Tire physics
- 0 errors in the log!
- 0 errors in textures!
- Hook at the rear
- Dirt (Dirty for 2 colors!)
- Unloading cylinder
- Possibility of unloading left and right!
- Each side is opened separately on the approach!
- To carry bales, you have to open the sides yourself!
- 9000 liters capacity!

The trailer is on the new script! Its keyboarding is different from the others!
Trailer 2 times less than the trailer from the script with FS 13!
If you like it, I will make a 4.5 ton version!

No editing
No change to the link
No addition to modpakow
No impersonation


- 9micheal6
- Geri-G
- Sven777b
- Burner
- PrezesZiaroo

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