Beekeeping pack placeable v1.0


Today I present to you my Beekeeping Modpack. The zip file must be unzipped once to make it work. Otherwise no other mods are needed.

What is in the Pack:
1) Trailer to transport milk, water and honey
2) Beekeeping: Deliver woodpallets (accepted: pallets from Marhus sawmill, Kevink98 Woodworking-Pack or woodChips  delivered with a tipper), that beehives are made.
3) Beekeeper: Deliver the pallet with the beehives to the beekeeper. Still deliver water and it already produces honey!
4) MET my day: In this factory Honey-Met will be produced by delivering honey and water. The resulting pallets can be delivered to the diner.
5) BEE KUHL Muesli: In this factory cereals were produced. Delivery of honey, milk and cereals (wheat or barley). The resulting pallets can also be delivered to the diner.
6) Diner: Here can be delivered all manufactured pallets and sell them.

Look at the pictures, and I have described where you have to unload.

Thanks goes out to:
The models are (partly skined by me) all standard models of Giants.
Scripts of Marhu were used: factoryscript, milktransport, Liveticker, Placeableltrigger and more.
For the trailer I have some functions of Farmer_Andys "old tanker" used.
including: charging hose for liquids, drain function, etc ...
The Woodworking Pack of Kevink98 has served as a guide and parts thereof (Trigger, displays, some textures, etc ...) I have used too...


Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants /slowtide63
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: slowtide63
Sonstige: Farmer_Andy (xml und Teile für Trailer) / Kevink98 (Teile von Holzverarbeitung)

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Commented on 2016-06-26 21:28:09

La fabrique de ruches ne marche pas,même avec les palettes de Marhus sawmill, de Kevink98 !

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