Fliegl ASS Tandem v1.3


This is adapted to the Patch 1.4.1 version of Fliegl tandem of Blacksheep13.90
Thanks to Blacksheep13.90 again for sharing!
I have only the rear lights to the right place set and modified the chassis.
Therefore Patch 1.4.1 is required!
The Entladeanimation fruit Plane I can not improve.
Steering angle of the rear wheels increases.
DieReifen are of Cebulcjek.
The Fliegl is completely washable.
Purchase price: $ 45,258 LS
Upkeep: 72 LS $
Capacity: 48000l
Fruit Types: Wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet silage forage oat rye sunflower woodchips
The trailer fits perfectly behind the Tatra from the Gold Addon.
The other mods in the pictures are and will remain private!


Giants, Blacksheep13.90, Cebulcjek, V8Bolle

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