Fliegl TMK 266 Acryl Bull v1.0


Attention back again just a "fun-mod"
As desired, a tandem of "acrylic", well almost. The tailgate and cylinder I made Metal left, like it better and the lamps (rear lights with turn signals and so) can be seen better. Technically, it is the flieglTMK266Bull changed was only the material of the trough and the choice of color added.

Facts and figures:
Tank volume: 40001 liter (it fits everything ... I know ... I know for sure ... I hope to minimum, liquids do not fit ... losing again)
Sale price: 25000 Euros
Daily cost: 25 Euros
Color may be re-elected when buying (dyeable)
Have fun with my Mod and Thanks for your feedback
again forgotten -> error log and are free mp he is theoretically capable, sp (personally tested) definitely.


by Sparkie

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:10

trop beau, dommage que l'ont vois le reste du châssis...! TRÈS UTILE VRAIMENT

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