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I present to you the official TechnicMods Fontaine Magnitude Farming Simulator Low Boy release for Farming simulator 2015.  This is the same Fontaine Magnitude low boy in FS13 but this is not a conversion.

Below is a list of thing that have been fixed in V4..  There are two zip files inside the main zip file that need to be placed inside your mods folder.  Feel free to share your feedback and any input on our lowboy forum page.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V4.0 Fixes:  

Fixed some errors.
Added wide load sign and flags.
Added extended deck function.
Fixed misc bugs.
Farming Simulator Low Boy V3.0 Fixes:

Neck can be fixed in place on the truck preventing it from swinging.
Neck spawns standing up.
Adjusted neck collisions.
Adjusted lock load so loads are more secure.
Extended collision on deck to haul slightly wider equipment.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V2.0 Fixes:

 Neck is adjustable.
Fixed the axles.
Adjusted some collisions.
Adjusted width.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V1.0:

Initial Release.

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Commented on 2016-01-09 16:32:12

you REALLY need to stop releasing until you get it right. i'm not sure how you can claim the fixes you claim. the neck still flops all around after hooked to the truck and the neck lock does not work, nor does raising and lowering the trailer. stop releasing versions until your done with.

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Commented on 2016-01-09 21:52:55

Works fine for me!

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Commented on 2016-01-10 07:06:14

What is the truck your using with the lowboy?

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