GAZ 69 v1.0


Jaa, what should I say big? ;)
we had a LPG meeting because HORST, with the combine harvester last year
the dorftrottel Gundemar shot from his bike saddle in street digging,
when he was on the way to the BEER KIOSK)
now should always be a vehicle, the "secure" - off the front-drive!
wanted ERWIN itself not give for his '85 GOLF, so we had to rethink.
... Hmmm ?
in the old LPG north barn, standing still as an old RUSSIAN !!
we then met at the weekend to "subbotnik", filled the old GAZ new -
liquids a ... and us, and then tumbled against midnight to NUTS. ^^
what no one thought possible, the old RUSSIAN jumped again !!
(Unfortunately) - circuit, with the funny saturdays :(
... Jou, - da issa now, ... and those who are not on automatic-vehicles in the driving school -
had learned tear now then, reinzuwürgen the GEARS.
even the OFFICE woman from BOSS, knows there is no mercy, - and also not between gas !!
TEL AVIV, so that's LIFE!
... I hau some SCREENS pure, but much more is not to say to the CART.
Number 7 (right) = turns the searchlight
LMT = so that you can then search also
RMT = raises or lowers the sun visor
more knick-knacks, there was not time!
okay MEN - that's it!
... And you might even one day?
... It does not take much, except something in GAZ tank, and some "69";) ---> ^^
HAVE FUN, and care of the HIRSCH!
... Ool BALOO)


Modell: - free, 3d-game model / urmodder nicht auffindbar
Textur: - von mir umgestaltet und für LW15 konvertiert
Script: - original
Idee / Konzept: - von BALOO / mainzibaer
Tester: - keiner
Sonstige: - nur ich und der GAZ 69 ;)

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