HW80 Bale trailers v1.0


Here one
HW80 Bale trailers
It was the standart Amount Attacher installed
the stay, the bales as where they belong during transport.
Loading you need but yourself!
Model / Texture: Holli72
Ingame / Dirt: Feuerlocke68
Support only: http://www.LS-Pitstop.de
Note: For Whom the Mod may like to leave a thank because like. Who do not like is his right. Would we then only happy when he / she would tell us what is not also like to be able to improve us.


Modell: Holli72
Textur: Holli72
Idee / Konzept:Holli72
Tester: Feuerlocke68/ Darklive
Sonstige: Dirt/ Ingame Feuerlocke68

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