Kamaz crane v2.2


Moinsen people
Today there a prototype of us of Kamaz crane.
This vehicle is based on the Magirus 200D26 of MODALL.

Vehicle data:
Price: 20,000 €
Maintenance: € 2 per day
PS: 460
Lighting: also installed on the crane carriage now with complete lighting system
Color choice: yes but only the crane
Washable: yes
Tires: Since the orginalen were too down now came from new GAZ Titan strikes (agricultural tires)
To avoid misunderstandings and comic commentary is to say to the mod that comes the cabin, lighting technology and the data fit to the crane from us.
The complete crane at the stern is MODALL of available presents its mods all the him in the credits and Moddesc mention what we were doing.
Have fun now with the mod
Micha / MTL Modding Team


Modell: Micha / MTL Modding Team und Modall
Textur: Micha / MTL Modding Team und Modall
Idee / Konzept: Micha / MTL Modding Team

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