Krone ZX 450GD v1.0


Hi there,
the second little project I have dedicated the crown ZX 450GD from the LS13. Again, I still lacked an alternative to the supplied trailers.
It is based 100% on the basis scripts of the LS15, but in my opinion completely sufficient for a cargo truck.

Features include:
Tire tracks
Dynamic Grass Plane (standard fruits)
Dirt texture (kept simple, not kanns better)
Lighting system
Raise and lower pickup

The fact that the load is not high towering over the car I can not change much, since I have no idea of ??Maya and Co and the tarp so unfortunately can not change. This inability is also the reason why the Häckselklappe not work. The LS13 model can not easily.
Otherwise, I wish you much fun with the mod and I hope that there are no problems with it, otherwise leave note in the comments there. ;)


Model: LS13/Giants
Konvert: Mantikor

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