Lely Tigo XR100D v2.0 Final


Love Virtual Farmer,

-The From juf.de reported misconduct when loading from the air per ÜLW been fixed. The area by can be loaded is limited to the car. In the front area can not be loaded in order not to load the possibly backwards folded end wall.

- The operating speed was reduced. This is the store a bit quieter. Wem`s is too slow -> even change again!
- Change the Store Pictures Fairs black frame around the images
- Some changes in texture, and others on the tires.

What has not been made:
- The criticized in the ideas missing in curves. For this purpose, the attacher "TrailerLow" of Giants is responsible. This limits the angle between the tractor and trailer. Compare this to the Strautmann. Other complaints by eMail Giants. Although one in real life never a right angle or equivalent can achieve at this point.
- The adjustable drawbar was left with this possible adjustment range. The couplings of the tractor are NOT all the same height. Den a tractor it raises up, with another reach the pickup not even the floor.
Therefore, the drawbar is infinitely adjustable yes !!!

I want to share with you my first mod, the Tigo XR100D the company Lely. He is a loader wagon, which can be used as the whole other loading wagons as Hächseltransportwagen (HTW).
Filltypes are the usual suspects: grass, hay, straw, and Hächselgut
Why did 105 m ^ 3 Ladevolumen ?:
I see in my Lely rather a loader wagon, as a HTW. Therefore I have given him a capacity called the "volume at medium pressure". This gives Lely 100m ^ 3 to (hence the 100 in the name).
This volume is achieved by compression of the collected cargo in the pickup.
For straw, grass and hay, the InGame comes from the weight and thereby then driving behavior about right.
If anyone has the right to use the Tigo mainly as HTW, he can for his household (!) Change the volume!
(In LelyTigo.xml and in Moddesc found this each attribute capacity. In the first case there is the amount of charge and in the second it changes the description of the dealer)
The volume DIN were loud Lely 54m ^ 3
The volume of cargo space in the mod is about 60m ^ 3
Furthermore, requires the Tigo 180hp PTO. From irgentwas yes densification must be created ;-)
Therefore my power rating from dealer of 300PS is rather something like a minimum-power. I have only tested with the standard tractors attempts:
The big Deutz was going on flat maps. The T8.320 is rather starved, even though he has more power. The T8.435 and Knicklenker are too heavy again. My recommendation and in my test drive the best tractor in front of Tigo Magnum 380 ...... time is quite apart from the color aspect ......
If anyone noticed that the Tigo flings behind the tractor (or drifts or slidet. Whatever they call the trailer), then he was too fast in a curve !!!
This "bug" (= the CenterOfMass is too high), I've purposely inside left, as he very well clarified what the often underestimated Probelm when driving with such a large load weighing (best yet with over 60km / h) is precisely this high focus !!!
Ingame you can not let the box fall over, otherwise I would leave the escalate so far.
Apart from this, the mod may NOT be republished, neither here nor in other websites !!!!
Changes for your own use You may make and also like to share via PN me !!
PS: Could someone test the car in Multiplayer!?! (... And the best n short feedback type)
Unfortunately I do not know anyone who wants to play with me! : - (((



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Commented on 2016-03-31 23:06:27

Now in this version is perfect ... thanks ...

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