This is the original man22s reworked with a light bar headache rack ,and increased power. It has been renamed to a man22LB (for Lightbar).
The model has retained the color selection and being washable. When tested pulling the hill from the farmyard in Westbridge Hills to the shop
it did 4mph faster with the newHollandT8435 on a trailer than the default man. The mass has been slightly adjusted for a little improvement
in handling. It also has rear view camera installed as a new feature. One item the lights on the mirror do not show up until you press the
four way or turn signal, then they just come on and stay solid. You are free to edit and re upload as long as original credits are listed.
Thank you for uploading and i hope you enjoy it.


JohnDeere1952 edits
Giants model
smitty1203 lightbar

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