New Holland BB1290 v1.0


I imagine you here the New Holland BigBaler 1290 with color changing available.
In addition, several other changes were made ??to the press.
Mod is naturally LOG FREE !!

Features / Benefits:
Installed new wheels
Independent suspension
Color change
Pickup Particlesystem
Dust (dust) Particlesytem when working
Installed three animated fans for better cooling
PTO Dummy (PTO shaft) installed (fades in u. Of the on / disconnect)
extended absence from rotating parts Pickup
Another small settings in the xml performed (driving, etc.)
It is not allowed to upload the mod again, or to publish a revised download link! Please watch so that the work of the
Modders! Other Publications in other forums only with original download link!
I wish you much fun with the mod!
MfG RedFox


Modell: Giants
Umbau: RedFox
Test / Feintuning: speedy77
Script: Giants, Ifko[nator]

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