placeable small Milkfabric (diary) v1.0


now here is my placeable milk factory for download.
This dairy plant produces drinking milk (Freshmilk, fillType "milk2"), butter (fillType "butter"), buttermilk (fillType "Buttermilk") and cheese (fillType "cheese"). As a "waste product" is the dairy plant feed (Forage) ago -> actually whey.
Adopting amount of milk (milk) of the cow pasture is 55,000 liters, this is also the maximum amount of memory all products.
Drinking milk produced every hour. The amount per hour is 500 liters.
Butter is produced every 2 hours and the amount is about 64 liters, as a byproduct formed ca 1200 liters of buttermilk.
Cheese is produced every 3 hours in the amount of approximately 90 liters of this whey is produced, which is then provided as a Forage (compound feed) are available.

The package is for transporting a cooling spreaders for sale and a small stall as well as a sales trigger.

The cooling spreader has a small bug by dyeable - i have not Time for the check of this Problem - the box is white :( (In the GE, the Box is colored)
-- deutsch---
Nun gib es auch hier meine platzierbare Milchfabrik zum Download.
Dieses Milchwerk produziert Trinkmilch (freshMilk, filltype "milk2"), Butter (filltype "butter"), Buttermilch (filltype "buttermilk") sowie Käse (filltype "cheese"). Als "Abfallprodukt" stellt das Milchwerk Mischfutter(Forage) her -> eigentlich Molke.
Die Annahmemenge von Milch (milk) von der Kuhweide ist 55.000 Liter, dies ist auch die maximale Speichermenge aller Produkte.
Trinkmilch wird im Stundentakt produziert. Die Menge per Stunde beträgt 500 Liter.
Butter wird  alle 2 Stunden produziert und die Menge beträgt ca. 64 Liter, als Nebenprodukt entstehen ca 1200 Liter Buttermilch.
Käse wird alle 3 Stunden produziert in der Menge von ca. 90 Liter dabei entsteht Molke, welche dann als Forage(Mischfutter) zur Verfügung gestellt wird.
Im Paket befindet sich zum Transport ein Kühlabsetzer und zum Verkauf eine kleine Marktbude sowie ein Verkaufstrigger.
Der Kühlabsetzer bleibt weiß, da ich noch nicht herausgefunden habe wo dort das Problem ist. (Im GE ist er farbig..)


t2k_modding => Idee, Aufbau, Umsetzung, Funktionen, Ingame,Testing
SalesPoint: Groundmodel LS11 Modder unkown->Convert,Reskinn,Ingame,Testing: t2k_modding
Verkäuferin; converted from Modder->Reallusion iClone(;;
Absetzer:Absetzrahmen: Modder->Gnescher;
Groundmodel LadeBox(Absetzer):Hoschi97(ls11);Convert,Reskinn,Ingame,Testing:t2k_modding
MilkGebäude: unkown Modellersteller; new Textures LS15 convert, adds: t2k_modding
MilkSilo: Manuel(LS13); Convert,Reskinn LS15:t2k_modding
Tetrapack: groundmodel crantisz; Convert, Edit, textures, changes: t2k_modding
Hecke: (ls11) unbekannter Modder; Convert Changes: t2k_modding

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Commented on 2015-05-29 21:21:03

hi, i forgot -> the mod required the Universalprocesskit Mod! -> please download the Version 0.9.8 > for better find under upk category fabrics or the mod found under the the brand t2k_modding.... !!!!

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Commented on 2015-06-03 03:25:31

Here's the modhub link to download UPK v0.9.8

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Commented on 2015-07-15 00:52:40

I can't get the dairy, or the triggers to show up the store. All I get is 1 swappable cube container.

I have tried running it with a clean mod folder, with just this and UPK. The log shows no errors but nothing appears in store.

Anything I am missing?

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Commented on 2015-07-15 04:25:11

Ah I got it. My UPK was out of date.

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Commented on 2016-06-30 09:18:51

want to you use to pick up the finished products and where do they sell at?????

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