Ravenwest motorsport chevy v1.0


this is my first mod for Farming Simulator 2015
I have had no help with the conversion process, I have asked for help in various forums without success, so before Comment Please keep that in mind, it has taken me about 4 months to finally figure it all out this mod.
now the car itself, this is the rave west chevrolet Autosport from the mains.
the log file completely clean I have tested this helped for the car by 4 different testers me to fix itself in the examination and helps mistakes. You can find their loans in the readme.txt.
there is a small problem with the steering wheel, I can not fix it, it is not to turn, instead it turns left and right, when you propose a working solution for this, I would be most grateful to the.
This mod may be uploaded anywhere you like. as long as you inside to leave my Readme.
Read the Readme.txt before.
the car tested on all 3 standard cards and pleasant valley map of dajnets.
Comments are welcome, but keep in mind I do not speak German.



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Commented on 2016-06-10 07:16:19

nice car

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