Stewart PS18 23H V2


Machine Type boards Loader Wagons
Daily care $ 60 / day
Using Trucks / trailers used to transport the crop.
Features 3 body types:
1. Grain Body
Capacity: 23300l
Fruits: wheat, barley, corn, canola
2. silage Body
Capacity: 37800l
Fruits: chaff, silage, wood chips
3. Manure Body
Capacity: 21200l
Fruits: manure, potatoes, sugar beets

Removable front mudguards (trigger next to them on both sides)
3 liveries: Stuart default blue, with the Scottish flag, the British flag (the trigger next to them on both sides)
Rear doors and tipping grain
Cover animation for the grain body only

v2.0 the changes and new features:
1. New fillVolumes (better filling simulation)
2. New wheels (more beautiful)
3. The new suspension (no flying on the rear wheels tear)
4. New lamps (more real thanks Petorious)
5. In short hydraulic hoses (no annoying hoses in the cab)
6. The strobe light door (not reverse light)
7. Digital parties silage silage body (mode 4)

Body change: the keyboard keys 0
Cover Animation: N key
Remove / add mud flaps: the key x (for the trigger next to them on both sides)
Change livery: the key x (for the trigger near the body on both sides)
Select the part of the silo: Key Z (option only for silage body)


Модель-Текстура-Скрипт: Миф

ChangeBody от mythos

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