TGS 41 570 8x8 agricultural heavy duty v1.0


The time has come, I present the DL version of the MAN TGS 41,570 Heavy agricultural
He is in my opinion a good working tool which can be varied missions. Man can use it very well for the transport, agriculture and forestry. This MAN is not a machine that wins races, but solid and wisely and good drivability can do its work. He has a rated output of nearly 570 hp and drives 60 km / h, I have so far received no better setting along so he remains up to V2 too. Everything else is in the game anyway unrealistic He has a working speed of 25 km / h and has a three-head coupling where a PTO is fitted to draw or to work with all hangers.
Now to what was done:
Adopted backbone of LS 15 -
Incorporated texture -
- Trelleborg tires
- Tire labeled
- Installed two steering axles
Customized handling, braking and performance -
- Setting the Dolly installed for rear mounting
- Three-point linkage mounted with PTO
- Built heavy duty cultivation
- Fire extinguisher installed
- Built diesel spare canister
Installed spare wheel -
- Rear View Camera Deco
- Installed new exhaust pipes
- Exhaust gases, he adapted the beautiful rust
Installed doors -
- Doors can be opened (Num 7 and 9).
- Windows Open (Num 8 u 0).
- Installed roof holder
Installed air-conditioning -
- CB radio antennas installed
- New bugles installed
Deleted old bugle of texture -
Installed rear bumper -
- Distance light installed on the bumper
Installed Strainer with imprint -
Installed bracket with pneumatic hoses -
Working lights installed on the roof -
Installed Adaptive Headlights -
- Normal front and rear light installed
- LED brake lights installed at the stern of the passenger compartment
- LED daytime running lights installed in the front
- Installed fog lights
- Front light when switching through with F goes out but is with (Num5) again switched
- Fog lights on (Num6) can be activated again
- Lichtbar on the roof fitted with daytime running lights and turn signals
Installed warning flasher to the radiator and bumper -
- Brake light installed normal
Daytime running lights installed in the rear lights -
- Distance light installed on the sides
- Sun Visor installed with daytime running lights
- Installed and adjusted every Koronas
- Interior Ahlan radio equipment installed
- Interior installed delivery papers and pen
- Installed nameplates in the windshield
- Installed interior curtains
Installed license plate -
Installed light grid -
- Driver installed Animation
- Choice of color at
- Dirt on, thus it can be washed
- Dirt far as it went fitted everywhere
- XML ??written
- Moddesc written
- Installed scripts
- Games Test
- Multiplayer Test
The Man is thus finished and has no Logfehler on or Server Error in Multiplayer
!!!! This mod must be nich uploaded to other portals or websites !!!


Ahran von Bavaria Modding

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Commented on 2015-12-05 15:43:11

can not open zip

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Commented on 2015-12-06 08:56:22

very nice downloading itnow but from what i see it looks nice

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