Ural 4320 Forestry Set v1.1


here I present you the "Ural-4320 Forestry" as timber transport in the revised version.
Model runs entirely on standard script and is LOG FREE!

Lights, brake lights, reversing lights, indicators, working light on the crane, Tachobeleuchtung
Tire tracks and tire dust
Washable (Dirty)
animated Farmer
animated Amaturen
animated propshat
animated steering
animated swing axles on trucks and trailer
fully animated suspension, according to realistic model (animated shock absorbers, leaf springs animated, animated axes, etc.)
The lateral stanchions on the left side can be folded (Mouse Control) to the tribes to better charging and discharging.
Drawbar the trailer can be adjusted in length (Mouse Control) characterized strains are 8-18 meters transportable
Restraints on the truck a / withdrawable (fade from farmers above the crane)
Crane and gripper completely controllable with the Mouse
Crane has additional cameras get easier to handle this
realistic Reale AO textures
Other small changes in the xml

Patch 1.3 or later must be installed!

Known Bugs:
Buyer front leaf springs and shock absorbers are somehow sucked into the length and protrude out the back on the truck.
If you get in and the game eventually ends and restarts everything is normal.
As I said that problem arises only if you buy the truck.
I still have no solution found to it, but I'll stay drann!
I wish you much fun with the mod.
MfG Jekyll


Dimon676, kto-totutzdes, Oovee, Jekyll

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