2PTS-4 Trailer v4.1 by ZIBIbit


The trailer is a Soviet van for transportation of hay, grass, straw, cuttings, silage and bales. I registered a collision wherever it is necessary so that your bales do not fall back.

- Trailer price 4500 rubles
- The speed of work is 13 km / h.
- Required power 60 hp
- Capacity of 21000 liters of cargo
- There is a script script for the selection of grass, hay and straw
- Bundles get 12-14 pieces (round)
- Washed (quality textures)
- In the course of dust and traces

Trailer changes 4.1:
- Replaced the rubber, it was previously as plastic.
- I registered the wheels separately from the model.
- Deformation is added.
- I made the locking of the swivel bridge.


LSSA Modding, igorela21 Team USSR, ZIBIbit

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