Agropontino beta v1.0


Agro Pontino is a plain is located along the coastal strip of Lazio, and it's about 1,100 km2. The Agro Pontino is a alluvional's plain, in the past it was marshy where the first remediation works began with the ancient Roman. In 1936 the area was completely liberal from the marshes and important cities were built such as Latina and Sabaudia
Technical data of the map
180 Field dimension 0.250 hectare till 7.5 hectare
Sales points for all goods and products of the earth
Custom Rye Oat Carrot Onion
Produttive Zone
Belvedere's Farm (Player farm)
potatos washing
beets washing
All animals
Machines for Creation Pig Farms
Compost Master
Seed Master
silos for seed, liquid and solid ferty
Storage tanks for slurry and digestate
A lot of shelter areas for tools and tractor
Warehouses for pallets and more
Wood shredding machinery
Fermenting Silos for digestate
Chopper Straw
Season mod support
Mud Mod
3 Logging Zone


Thanks to all modders and Giants for this fantastic game

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:25:53

anyone know where I can download this map direct, not using the virus infested links provided

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Commented on 2017-12-03 09:14:09

Just use the Sharemods one. It's fine and no one has ever gotten a virus from that one. I do agree, though, that is junk. But I am appreciative to the author for providing a Sharemods alternative.

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Commented on 2017-12-05 10:02:57

Non e colpa di pandafarm se certi siti dove si scarica e infestato di virus, cmq la mappa è buona , per abbassare i mb ti consiglio prima cosa elimenare i cancelli in tutti campi e qualche siepe e metterci al suo posto se mai alberi

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Commented on 2017-12-05 10:04:07

ti consiglio di controllare le fabbriche alcuni recinti sono sopesi in aria e migliorare la segheria, non riesco a capire dove si trovano le assi di legno che poi si fanno i pallet e ultima cosa riunire certi campi unico ci sono troppi e piccoli anche per multiplayer, e un mio consiglio da utente, e devo dire mi piace la tua mappa PandaFarm

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