Conor ST1100 v1.0.0.2


Conor 1100 Standard Slurry Tanker.
Capacity: 1096 Gal (4983Ltr).
Discharge: 25m3 per ha at speed level 1 or 10kmh.
Unladen: 1795kg
Laden: 6600kg (approx.)
Sprung Drawbar Optional: Standard Drawbar on Mod.
Supports: FS17_hoseSystem Mod (recommended), Dynamic Hoses (bm-modding).
Selectable: Wheels, Colour, Decals.
Conor Engineering's 1100 litre slurry tanker ideal for smaller farms and tight spaces.
Please do not edit or upload this mod to other websites without permission of the Author.


Mod: Milpol
Textures: Milpol , bm-modding (dynamic hoses).
Ingame: Milpol, GlengarBoy
Testing, advice and assistance: xBlur, robbie, GlengarBoy, Mattxjs, patmassey6615, gnftr04, Willbobber.
Hose system and dynamic hoses: Xentro, Wopster, Jackaroo & BlackJack (bm-modding)

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