[FBM-Team] Kleiner Tiertransporter v1.0.0.0


Hello small farmers and Oldschoolfarmer!
For our 30.000er weekend there is an addition to the tractors of our colleague Oldenfarm.

The one-axle (animal) transporter is suitable for the transport of one Giants standard animal or the pony of Farmer Andi.
Alternatively, HD bales or objects can be transported.

Domestic equipments:
- Information label "Animal transport" selectable
- Dynamic light cable
- Ramp with mouse control

Have fun! - GnomAtom

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Copyright by Forbidden Mods


Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Modder: GnomAtom
Michl2 (Schwabenmodding) FS17 Ready GnomAtom [FBM]

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