Harvest Map v1.0.0.1


Fixed version

- Added production of washed root vegetables, potatoes, beets in trays.

- Added production of French fries, chips, popcorn

- on BGA a new silage fermenter, the old one did not accept resources in bales.

- Added chipboard production (rebuilding the old Firewood).

- Added storage for seeds and fertilizers.

- Replaced the pallet in the production of boards and pallets, the production itself was moved to another place.

- Improvements in animals.

- Unpack the archive, inside a map and a mod pack for transporting all the resources and products on the map, also a trailer for animals works with a butcher.


GIANTS Software/Медведев(38RuS)

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Commented on 2021-11-18 18:59:52

только версия 1.5 а не то что вы там написали

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