Kamaz 45143-6012 + Nefaz 8560-02 v2.0


Mod adapted to the use of mod Gear Box.
Prescribed the correct number of gears and gear ratios.
The mod has a ten-speed gearbox KAMAZ-152.
It consists of a main five-speed gearbox and a front-mounted gearbox - a gear divider, due to which it has ten gears for moving forward and two gears for moving back.
The letter N or V next to the gear number (on the Gear box label) means lower or higher gear.
The mod also has a differential lock function using the gear box.
Engine power: 240, 280 hp Max. speed - 80 km / h. The volume of the body - 15 400 liters. The choice of color (cab, body and disks), engine (2), wheels (2). Awning. Doors open (LMB / PKM). Mirrors Soundproofing. There is an animation: tidy, suspension, propeller shaft and mudguards. Hitch.
Volume - 15 200 liters. When buying, there is a choice of color (body, disks). Awning. Animation suspension and mudguards.
Working lighting. Get dirty and wash.
The log is clean.

AUTHOR: Eraevgenij, Vasilich, Alex44Rus
Installation: Move the file in ZIP format to the documents folder / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /



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