Kamaz Pack v1.1


Big Pack Kamaz trucks. Choice of engine and color.

Version 1.1
Big update:
Bug fixes and improvements.
Added new KamAZ trucks and trailers
Fixed the light.
KamAZ-5511 - removed extra. Engine add. Side, reduced the volume to 6600 m3, the price.

Animation of the device, suspension, cardans. The deformation of the tires and replaced the texture. Control the sides of the mouse (not at all). The light is completely redesigned. Wash them. Traces and dust from the wheels. Physics is adjusted. Technical specifications are adjusted for real. Prices bite, but adequate, so as not to relax. LOG is clean.
There was a problem with the rental of KAMAZ-45143, trailers: Shturman-85310A, SPAZ-8499SH, NEFAZ-8560-02; Dissolution - PRL-11. You can take it to the arena, but you can not return this technique. I recommend immediately buying it, you can sell it.


Eraevgenij, Envelope Oleg, Alex44Rus

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