Krowniki Map v1.0


1) The map and equipment is designed to work with all the mods attached in the archive - do not forget to include them all! 2) Please note that when you start the game, you already have cows and prepared feed 3) If the description is not very clear what to take and where to take what - I advise you to look at the album with photos, you can also ask questions right here 4) The map and equipment are still being tested, so there will be corrections and additions 5) Map description (made in the style of a literary text) It's good for you-Russians, you have Putin, and you, as it seems to me, everything is fine, but the policy of our government in Poland is such that an honest and hardworking rolnik here has to take one loan to repay the previous one. We have all the time breaks, silnik fly, kierownica stuck, we have the normal equipment can not do it, it's good droskovo many left, and Soviet, there is something at the farm. We have beautiful places, and even famous ones! My grandfather told me that in some newspaper they wrote.



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