Lantmanenfs Overload and tipp trailer v3.0


What's new in Version 3.0.0
The trolley tip controls with Mouse or Joystick.
Mouse is Right Button Sideways out with the basket.
Both raise and lower arms!
Left button high pole at position as a bucket tip.
There are also regular tipping triggers for the silo.
Light is changing the trolley in v3

Trolley that transfers to another trailer. Work as a bucket! Spider you then end it on the ground!
The trolley is controlled by mice.
Also, there is a tip trigger so the dump of the load in silo tex goes.
The light shutter rises when loading at night!
60M3 holds the box!
an not be uploaded to any other sharing page.
Only on Fssweden! <-------------- READ THIS!
Up to now, follow it if you want more mods



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