LKW rubbish cart UAL v1.0


With this garbage truck with UAL script and counter you can 53 garbage bags on the HofBergmann_reloaded Map, Automatically charge and they are thereby detected by a Zaehlwerk, if you turn it on with the key "v". But you can also recharge by hand without UAL script with the garbage bags in the vehicle balls around and possibly fall out when starting back out. The mod was converted by me from Ls15 for the Ls17 and rebuilt. Shares of the urmodderin and the scripters I got by mail. Have fun collecting rubbish!


Ur-Modell: Susi 28 ,
Textur: texturen aufs modell gegeben WINGI , Müllauto Fun
Mod:Ls Fahrzeugbau,
Führerhaus: r&m Modding ,
UAL-Script: GIANTS / HoT online Team,
CounterScript: HoT Team
Idee zum Umbau, UAL-Script, neues Führerhaus, rpm-fuel-speed-Anzeige, Collision an den Wänden verbaut : von mir Reini1959

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Commented on 2018-09-13 20:00:55

Der ist schon alt. Gibt bessere Müllwagen . :(((

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