MAN Chassis Pack v1.0.0.0


Hello everybody,
As the name suggests, this mod includes chassis only. Say these are vice WITHOUT construction .
That is why this pack is more to the modders among you than to the players. Because more than in the area rumfahren and the lights on and off can not be done with the trucks in this pack :)
My goal was to represent the MAN TGS all-wheel-drive program as realistically as possible, resulting in 22 TGS all-wheel-drive chassis included in this pack. All are from the TGS 18.480 originated from the LS17.
Each of these chassis will serve as modifiers for you to build new trucks for the LS17.

What is inside?
6 Chassis of the 18 Tonner series (4x4)
4 Chassis of the 26 Tonner series (6x6)
4 Chassis of the 33 Tonner series (6x6)
1 chassis of the 35 ton range (8x8)
3 Chassis of the 41 Tonner series (8x8)
1 chassis of the 50 ton series (8x8, heavy duty tractor)
3 Chassis of the 50 Tonner series (10x10)

All chassis have
3 engines (420, 460, 500HP)
Free color selection for the cabin
Free choice of color for the rims
5 tires (road, agricultural, offroad, tractor, tractor with label)
Engine and tonnage-dependent rating plates

In the store I created a new category (thanks to Ifko [nator] for the release of the addCategory scripts).
There are all chassis available for the price of 1000 €. These are not a shopkeeper, the s.Schvder price still rausmüssen :) As I said, the pack is designed for modder. And so you can watch the trucks in the game and try them, you will not spend your money earned money unnecessarily.
To the players among you: Who has fun to jog with a truck chassis through the area, always on it! Cheaper it will never be :)
For background information on the mod you can find here:
Everything is really there. Further questions, suggestions and criticism (if it's absolutely necessary ...) you can post there. I would like to continue the thread for future versions.

A word for release:
No uploads allowed on other pages!
There will be no release for the entire pack from me!
Individual trucks or parts from this pack are available to you for further processing and use completely free.
Please send my credits to: Chassis Alfredix


original model, GIANTS
textures, GIANTS
concept, Alfredix
remodelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix, farmerfiveTom=
Scripts, ifko[nator] (addStoreCategory.lua)

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thanks for sharing. There is only one problem. This mode can be used in which damper mode with which curtains. I tried the AR modes and did not work.

Thank you

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mod review here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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they are for modders

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