MAN TGS HKL & ITRunner V2.0.0.3


Now to ask for diversions, where the truck is now again, I have the button once again and reworked it somewhat!

The Light Addon is now optional under Design.
Cabine light from the FSM team If the light switch for this is set to numpad 0

I begin with LS17 technology (interior decoration) and Madahub (roof spoiler lightbar and bull catcher). I apologize for not thinking about the credits. And thank you for these parts!

Required MODS !!


Tire, engine and color selection for the truck as well as the rims
Dashboard lighting
Speed ??increases when the hydraulic system is used

Topic Rail Trailer:
I was asked if I could insert the rail trailer,
I could do it, but I've tested the trailer with the MAN.
Since the MAN now has a much softer suspension, it does not work any more as I want.
The function the hook out is still there, but I give hereby no guarantee, that it is also 100% with the rail adapter is compatible!
Why do not I?
Because I finally have a handling in the MAN, which I like very much.
The truck was tested with every load and I am very satisfied to see the air in the tire, feel it and still do not fall with the truck =)

What is still planned?
Now for the MAN, I would just like to make sure that you have the flash lights and daytime running lights as an option, so you do not necessarily need the light addon.

I wish you lots of fun with my truck!
Mfg RaveBurner aka Ap0lLo


Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants, MADAHUB
Script: Ap0lLo
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo
Tester: Ap0lLo

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