Mengele Roto Bull 6000 DH v1.0.0


Good evening!
I'll put my loader (Roto Bull 6000) for download !!!

Even if the log, not quite error free, I'll put the loader, still download.
I wish you a lot of fun with my loader. I hope he will like you.

Ps. Unfortunately it is a version with little, texture errors and few other errors. Unfortunately, I have no time to fix the errors. Because of work. But I hope you still have fun. In ls19, I will then make you complete loading wagons ready for download !.

Data for the loader wagon (Roto Bull 6000)

Price: 39,000
Volume: 50000
Km / H: 15 Km / h
Configuration: With button (X) you can add / remove ropes at the top. with knife & without
Dynamic-Hoses: Yeah
In the package: silage, knives, and of course the loader

Thanks to the helpers: PaTTicH, Creative_farming, MBTr4c1500P0w3r, MarcoLS, Heitzer's Sofa Corner, Fabian-Gogobear, blade_or_die



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Commented on 2018-09-20 21:36:29

@Dieselross33, Thanks for the effort to make a mod but as a suggestion, perhaps it would be better to upload it when it is finished instead of doing yourself and the community a dis-service by uploading a half unfinished mod project.

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Commented on 2018-09-20 22:04:11

This is not against the maker of this mod. I boycott Mengele trailers and farm equipment. The Mengele family own the Trailer company their son was Doctor Josef Mengele ( The Angel of Death) the infamous Nazi Doctor who did horrid experiments of twins in Auschwitz and Dachua Death Camps.

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