MTZ 82 Polska Trzydziestka v1.0.0.0


Everything should be ok, because I did not find any mistakes. If there were any, I am sorry for them.

What does it have:
- a lot of configuration in the store
- lots of animations
- extended IC panel
- silencers
- passenger mod
- new sounds

I will not write more because no one will read anyway and has everything possible

I do not give a ban on the model, but I would ask you not to take these txt sounds to other mods, and if someone would convert it to newer / older versions of the game, please give the author of the txt and sounds.
If someone wants to change something in it and publish it and change it to other versions of the game, ask for permission to use txt and sounds.

I guess that's it: D
Have a nice game ;)


LSSA, Mtz-2l, ANDREI1994, Pavel_Tikhonov, Bartek90256
Autor: Bartek90256

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