Pack John Deere v1.0.0.2


Pack includes:

- John Deere 6M;

- John Deere 6M 2020;

- John Deere 6R;

- John Deere 7R;

- John Deere 8R;

- John Deere 8RT;

- John Deere XUV865M;

- John Deere 603R;

- John Deere 643R;

- John Deere pickUp900;

- John Deere pickUp1150;

- John Deere pickUp1800;

- John Deere S790;

- John Deere T560;

- John Deere 9000;

- John Deere 625X;

- John Deere 645FD;

- John Deere 608C;

- John Deere 618C;

- Capello helianthus 5700;

- Capello helianthus 12000.


Giants Software, Andrei03KZ (Андрей Ширяев), Vova99 (Владимир Ширяев)

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Commented on 2023-12-14 11:40:16

В игре нету John Deere 8RT

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Commented on 2023-12-18 02:41:10

How did you manage to convert machinery from fs19 to fs17?
Can it be done with fs19 mods too?

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Commented on 2024-01-15 11:08:27

Dear Author's,

I just wanted to express how amazing and awesome your mod is! It adds so much value to my FS17 experience. However, I've encountered a small issue – the Tractor 8R is visible in the shop, but when I try to purchase it, it takes an eternity to load and the purchase doesn't go through. Additionally, the 8RT is not showing up in the store, even though it's available in the files. I really love your work, and I appreciate the effort you put into creating these mods.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you'll continue making fantastic mods for FS17, especially with newer vehicles in 2024!

Best regards,
Kenth Delfin

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