Pack MAZ / YAAZ 200 + Trailers v1.1.0


Pack MAZ / YAAZ - 200 Series v1.1 for FS17
PAck is fully adapted to work with the Gear box
(Gear box modes on the gearbox)
To do this, all trucks and trailers are moved to their category.
The correct number of transfers and subordinate numbers are prescribed.
Now all trucks have a 5-speed gearbox.

MAZ-200 - One of the most massive trucks of the USSR in the mid-20th century. YaAZ-200 is a parallel series of trucks of the Yaroslavl Plant.
The set contains 16 units of equipment, including trucks and trailers to them.
All models are dirty, washed, leave traces, dust, have suspension and cardan shaft animation.
Everyone has a choice of colors, some have a choice of body color.
And some trucks can choose MAZ or YaAZ.
For some details, new high quality textures have been made.

Full composition of the pack:
MAZ-200M is a truck tractor. 4х2
MAZ-501 is a truck tractor. 4х4
MAZ-200 Platform - platform with straps or auto-fit 4x2
MAZ-200 Module - chassis for 4х2 modules
MAZ-200 - the onboard truck 4х2
MAZ-501 - onboard truck 4х4
MAZ-205 - dumper 4x2
YaAZ-210D - truck tractor 6x4
YaAZ-210 - on-board truck 6x4
YAAZ-210E - 6x4 dumper truck
YaAZ-210T - an experienced mining dump truck 10х8
Trailer tipper
MAZ-5243 - side trailer-trolley
MAZ-5215 - semitrailer-platform / automatic selection of bales and pallets
MAZ-5215 - timber semi-trailer
MAZ-5215 - flatbed semitrailer with trailing sides for silo
MAZ-5217 - food semi-trailer
TZ-200 - fuel tank (module)
AC-525 - food tank (module)
MAZ-5219 - the trolley
Tral - 5249T


Schrod, Andy_V, JSM modding, G.F. Moder

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