Pottinger Euroboss 250T/290T v1.0


The Pöttinger Euroboss 250T and 290T are the slightly smaller models of the Euroboss 330T. The T-models are the
variants with lower cargo area for a low center of gravity and are therefore ideal for mountainous terrain.
The loader wagon can also be equipped with twin tires to further increase the slope stability. For small maps
with narrow streets, the loader wagon can be equipped with narrow tires that do not protrude.

- Capacity:
-- 16100 liters (Euroboss 250T)
-- 18700 liters (Euroboss 290T)
- Price:
-- 24100$ (Euroboss 250T)
-- 27300$ (Euroboss 290T)
- Daily Upkeep:
-- 22$ (Euroboss 250T)
-- 25$ (Euroboss 290T)
- Dynamic Hoses with new support
- You can dismount the top ropes so that the Euroboss can be used for harvesting chaff
- 6 wheel configurations:
-- Standard: AW305 Profil
-- Narrow tires: T404 profile
-- Wide tires: AW309 profile
-- Agricultural Tires: T421 profile
-- Twin tires: 18 inch rims
-- Twin tires: 20 inch rims



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mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slqj12AC41o

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