Randy Manning KW900l show dump truck v1.0.0.6


Hellow guys here i have you my kw900l show dump truck from randy manning trucking i got the idea from google and youtube and i  wanted to make the dump truck look just like the picture other then the paint job and so far i made it  at 100% complete and i added a new attacher on the back so you can hook up a trailer and a plow hitch so you can move snow and it can hold 80 000 liters and has a beacon bar on the cab and lots of lights on the bed and under the bed the truck is supposed to show what it showes in the pictures whitch will be in the pictures in this post and also i spent over 5 weeks on this truck trying to make it look like in the picture hope you enjoy this show truck.


Bcbuhler converted by seanpierce

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