Scania R730 with tarpaulin in Fehrenkotter Skin V1


Dear Ls Friends!!!!!!!
Today we would like to ask you a Scania Planengliederzug in version 1 is available.
Is included in the pack:
2-axle Scania R730 with tarpaulin in Fehrenkötter Design
3-axle bogie trailer with tarpaulin in Fehrenkötter Design

Both tension belts have installed so that pallets or bales can be attached:
L or individually with R
The complete tarpaulin with Unterkostruktion can be hidden with:
Left CTRL + U
The Bracken can be opened:
Numpad 7 left; 8 behind; 9 right
When the plan construction plan can be beaten up:
Left Alt + left Numpad7 Plane
Left Alt + Numpad8 rear Plane
Left Alt + right Numpad9 Plane

A big thanks goes to Daniel Gallinger of for the release of its plan and construction of the reconstruction of one of his followers ball.
A thanks also to our former teammates Philip Baker for several changes.
Hope you have fun with the Pack ......
Think again when air is between the other projects there will be a version 2 ...
MfG the Agro Service East-West team
Andreas Sonnenberg and Jens Koch

Please use the original DL-links when they are placed on other sites to download !!!!!!


Modell: / Agroservice Ost-West
Textur: Agroservice Ost-West /
Script: Agroservice Ost-West /
Idee / Konzept: Agroservice Ost-West /
Tester: Agroservice Ost-West
Sonstige: Ex Kollege Philipp Bäcker

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:25:53

sagt mal habt ihr ne macke nehmt sofort den Dl hir raus ihr Spinnt wohl

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