Scania V8 S580 Streamline V2.0 Final


Hello dear LS17 player!

Version final v2
Renamed ZIP name to AAA_Scania_S_Series
UV added = skinnbar
4 varnishes (2 varnishes are given and 2 varnishes are already built into the mod for your own skinns - just say the corresponding skins and the Skinns are already in the game)
Motoconfiguration added from 420 - 730 hp
Engine sound changed
Rim selection between steel rims, lacquered rims or chrome rims
Further added Roofbar, Bullbar, Bottombar, Mirror, Antenna, Accent Strip and Lightbar configuratio
the same here in plastic, lacquer and chrome optics (plastic optics are not available on Roofbar, Bullbar and Bottombar)
Vehicles now have realistic ground clearance
Headlight configuration added
Original Interior (Not quite finished yet)
The vehicle can be lowered while the ENGINE is running using the SHIFT buttons Left + a, s, y or x (ie you can raise or lower the vehicle)
Permission You can do what you want The permission is available to all but to mention the new CREDITS reissued more is not

New credits:
D & S modding [tuning]

I have the new Scania V8 S580 Streamline Next Generation as Mod and I may him place at your disposal.
What he has to functio
Faultless LOG
Spot reduction LS17 Standart
high beam
LED indicators
!!! Light addon is needed for LED turn signals !!!
General adjustments
Wheels of LS17 technology (LS17 workshop)
Scania Cab, Chassie of FF_DBG (right big thank you for making available and for permission)
There are still other versions come!
I hope you like him
John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gamieng)


Modell: FF_DBG
Textur: FF_DBG
Script: Giants Software
Idee / Konzept: FF_DBG, John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gamieng)
Tester: John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gamieng)
Sonstige: LS17 Technik (LS17 Workstatt)

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Commented on 2018-02-03 19:36:10

This mod is stolen, he is not the original author, because of you people the modding community goes dead!!

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Commented on 2018-02-06 17:30:07

mod video here

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