Schmitz Cargebull CoBF v2.1


Hello we the CoBF team have another mod for you this is the Schmitz Cargobull in an improved version of us the CoBF team what he can do everything
Color selection free Selectable
Tires can be changed
Rim Color Free Selectable
Floor type can be changed to safety floor, paved floor or wooden floor
Dysign of the tarpaulin can be changed tiltplane, refrigerator or thrust wall
Sideplane can be opened from the outside
He also has an autolaod function
The page inside is black and can not be changed because otherwise the writing does not come so well to the effect
PS for a small donation, we can write the font BZW the font or your logo on the Schmitz Cargobull you can have your Schmitz Cargobull as you like him
The CoBF Team


Modell: Schmitz Cargobull
Idee / Konzept: Werbung auf einem Trailer der Individuell anpassbar ist
Tester: das CoBF Team


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