Tatra IT-Runner v2.1


New version v2.1
- IC control for doors, roof and side windows
- Interior lighting
- Digital displays on KM / H, speed, consumption, etc.
- all hands animated
- The transmission is displayed automatically
- Cabin and frame for color selection
- 4 different tires to choose from
- New front bar
- Background images on the color selection page
- IT-Slider by Giants (three axles are for uncooled containers, the other two are normal)
- and much more.

New added:
The passenger,
- new ladies,
- dynamic pants,
- Work lights
- Lighthouses
- All LS17 standards, so all animations run through SkinnedMeshes.


Urmodell Giants
Texturen: Giants
Scripte: Rival/Manuel Leithner
Umabuten: Thomas0815
Edit. SMD Mod Company

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