Tatra PHOENIX 6x6 with Jenz HEM583 Woodcrusher v1.0


After many wishes for a 6x6 Version of my MAN Jenz Woodcrusher Mod, i created this Mod for you. It has some Extras, that are transfered to the MAN Mod too in the latest Update. Basicly it is the same Mod like the MAN, but the Trucks are swapped. The Features are the same like the MAN. It has the same Color-Pick Options and the same Crane. On both Version there is a Bug fixed, where the Craneholder moved down, when the Crusher is turned on and blocked the Crusher. It stays now open and does not block anymore the Crusher. It moves up when a Log is in there.
Please notice: this is not a reality Mod or something like that! I don't know if this Vehicle is exsisting in real or not. I don't care, it is more a Fun-Mod! If you don't like it, just do not download it.

What is working so far:
- Woodcrusher works withour any Problems
- Fold and Unfold Table is working
- Pipe is working
- Cranecontrol is working
- Trailers can stiill be used with the additional Hitch
- Colorpick for both Truck and Woodcrusher
- NEW: Designcolor set the Color of the Cranegrapple. The Standardcolor is the original Ponsse.
- Shopgraphics included
- Controlgroups for Crane/Pipe/Support Legs
- Truck can drive without problems, but care! It is really heavy, don't drive to fast!

And the most Important: The Log is Error-Free!

What is NOT working and planned:
- Pipe is unfolding to the wrong direction (i can't fix it. Giants coded it that way, sorry)
- Crane does not have Drive-Locking, it is planned!

I hope you like the Mod so far. Please send me your Feedback. Like i said, it is a first Version to test it a little bit. A next Version will come the next Days!


Modell: Giants / Endless Dark
Textur: Giants / Endless Dark
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Endless Dark

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