Twinstar A. Helmer U.S. Edition Pack v1.0.0.1


Fixed attacherJoints.
Fixed lights 1 Axle.
Fixed inside texture.

The SX 210 Twinstar defines rugged durability and quality construction for the vocational market and is specifically designed to endure the rigors of dump, logging, construction and numerous other heavy-duty vocational applications. The lightweight, all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction and bulkhead style doors is legendary for toughness and corrosion resistance. It provides years of virtually watertight performance.

Truck information:
Name: SX 210 Twinstar, 1 axle truck, 2 axle truck and the kipper truck.
Price: €124000,- , €165000,- , €269500,-
Daily maintenance: €570,- , €570,- , €680,-
Horsepower: 420pk
Skin: A helmer B.V.

IC Control

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Required Mod [FS17] Light Addon by vertexdezign.

I do not give permission to edit the mod en reupload it.
Gelieve niet de mod ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link!
Please do not upload the mod anywhere else without the original download link!
Bitte nicht die mod irgendwo sonst laden, ohne den ursprünglichen Download-Link!


Model: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634, Twan.
Texture: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634, Twan.
Ingame: Giants, Bart, Bobje, Fa285634.
Testing: Bart, Beez.
LUA from: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding), Alex2009.
Other: SpectralDodger, FSMT.

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