Zil 133GY v1.1


Power: 210 l / c, speed: 80 km / h. Mirrors, dashboard animation, tow hitch. Extension boards, awning, three sides of unloading. The left (PCM), right (LMB) and rear (LMB / PCM) sides open. Body capacity: 16000 hp. Moves standard cultures. It can also be used for small agricultural implements. Lighting technology, washable.

V1.1: The wheels are made by a separate I3D file. Replacement the glass, a model of mirrors, a fan in the cockpit, a gearshift lever and a steering wheel. Light is made by textures. Added: straps for fixing loads, the possibility of auto- selection of logs 1-5 m long. The gear lever and fan are animated. Fixed minor bugs. The log is clean!


Model: Mechanic78, [email protected]=-
Texture: Mechanic78, [email protected]=-
Idea / Concept: Mechanic78, [email protected]=-

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