Zil MMz 555 multicolor v1.0


Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification edited by my XD
This is a multicolored Zil mmz555 truck  version 1.0
++ is washable
++ has a footprint on the wheels
++ has lights
++ has shadow in the lights
++ is multicolor

I did not find any errors in the registry, which is the most important XD
But if they find one put it in the comments
Wait for new actializations for this beautiful truck
As always, many hours of work. Have fun.


vegueta convert in FS2017

Textury: R.U.S.L.A.N,Lexan,DUFATA
LS 2011
convert in FS2013: [email protected]=-convert in FS2015 kto_totutzdes

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